Technical Solutions unLimited is a partnership of John, Mirah, Rebecca and Ariana Burgener. We provide management services and consulting to various technical corporations, including Burgener Research Inc., Telegistics Inc., Gemination, Dynamic Daylilies, Rocketplane Global, and many other companies. We have diverse backgrounds, enabling us to understand operations and marketing in unique ways. We are always interested in working with companies developing new technology, and we guarantee our work.

Generally we can help increase sales by 50% per year, and reduce operations costs by 20% per year at the same time. If the customer does not gain the advantages we promise, we do not charge anything.

Telegistics Inc. (Investments, R&D, Energy Conservation, Reusable Spaceplanes)
Burgener Research Inc. (Analytical Nebulizers and Sample Introduction)
Gemination (Tissue Culture)
Dynamic Daylilies (Canadian Hybrid Daylilies)
Rocketplane Global Inc. (Reusable Rocketplanes)
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